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10 Comments 22 March 2011

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Narayana Stotram

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10 Comments so far

  1. Sanju6009 says:

    excellent work.Thankyou very much

  2. Ds Vas says:

    i could not able to download this song could you pls provide the link pls

  3. Subhadra says:

    thank Q.

  4. Sobhanadri A says:

    very nice song

  5. Rajivrvs says:

    a great song and wonderful tone of priya sisters.

  6. Sreeniva says:


    Soothing to forget every thing of materialistic nature. Meditative

  7. namaskaram

    na peru ravishankar,working at SAUDI at present.when i was browsing desparately thru the net for extract of Vishnu sahasranam,i tumbled upon this amazing treasure cove.I think this is an astounding work done by the people who think of humanity and we are in debt for such a knowledge which can be found at one place.I thought the very real minute that i was blessed.It is a pot of nectar(amrutham) in this desert.”edi chala adbuthamaina vishayam….nenu chala runa padi untanu evaraithe gnananni panchutharo vallaki bhagawat sankalpam aina undali leka pothe bhaktudaina undali…..bhagawanthundu drustilo padinatte lekka”….once more sastanga namaskaram,who ever may be…

    1-19-79/42,AYODHYA NAGAR,KAPRA,HYDERABAD – 500062

    • Thanks Ravishankar garu for your wishes. My goal is to make as much content as possible in all languages without any errors and typos. So if you find any mistakes anywhere in the site, please let us know and I’ll fix them immediately. Any feedback is welcome as well.

  8. RK says:

    My wife mentioned about this narayana sthotram by priya sisters. Really mesmerizing voices. Your mind definitely clear after listening.

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