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Guru Vandanam or guru stotram are Sanskrit stanzas addressed to teacher or guru. These shlokas praise the guru for his God like qualities. These slokas can be recited any time or on specific occasions like Teacher’s Day or guru purnima.

akhaṇḍamaṇḍalākāraṃ vyāptaṃ yena carācaram |
tatpadaṃ darśitaṃ yena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 1 ||
1. Salutations are to that guru who showed me the abode, the one who is to be known, whose form is the entire universe and by whom all the movable and immovable are pervaded.

aṅñānatimirāndhasya ṅñānāñjanaśalākayā |
cakṣurunmīlitaṃ yena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 2 ||
2. Salutations are to that guru who opened the eye of one blind due to the darkness (cover) of ignorance with a needle coated with the ointment of knowledge.

gururbrahmā gururviṣṇuḥ gururdevo maheśvaraḥ |
gurureva parambrahma tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 3 ||
3. Salutations to that guru who is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer, who is the limitless one.

sthāvaraṃ jaṅgamaṃ vyāptaṃ yatkiñcitsacarācaram |
tatpadaṃ darśitaṃ yena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 4 ||
4. Salutations are to that guru who showed me the one to be known, who permeates whatever is movable, immovable, sentient or insentient.

cinmayaṃ vyāpiyatsarvaṃ trailokyaṃ sacarācaram |
tatpadaṃ darśitaṃ yena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 5 ||
5. Salutations to that teacher who showed me (by teaching) the One to be known, who is but Awareness and who is the pervader of all three worlds comprising the sentient and insentient.

tsarvaśrutiśiroratnavirājita padāmbujaḥ |
vedāntāmbujasūryoyaḥ tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 6 ||
6. Salutations are to that guru who is the Sun to the lotus of Vedanta and whose lotus feet are made radiant by the jewel of all Srutis (Upanishads).

caitanyaḥ śāśvataḥśānto vyomātīto nirañjanaḥ |
bindunāda kalātītaḥ tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 7 ||
7. Salutations are to that guru who is Awareness, changeless (beyond time), who is peace, beyond space, pure (free from likes and dislikes), and who is beyond the manifest and the unmanifest (Nada, Bindu, etc.).

ṅñānaśaktisamārūḍhaḥ tattvamālāvibhūṣitaḥ |
bhuktimuktipradātā ca tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 8 ||
8. Salutations are to that guru who is rooted in knowledge that is power, adorned with the garland of Truth and who is the bestower of the joy of liberation.

anekajanmasamprāpta karmabandhavidāhine |
ātmaṅñānapradānena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 9 ||
9. Salutations are to that guru who by bestowing the knowledge of the self burns up the bondage created by accumulated actions of innumerable births.

śoṣaṇaṃ bhavasindhośca ṅñāpaṇaṃ sārasampadaḥ |
guroḥ pādodakaṃ samyak tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 10 ||
10. Salutations are to that guru; the perennial flow of wisdom from the one rooted in the vision of the sruti, dries up totally to ocean of transmigration (samsara) and reveals the essence of all wealth (the freedom of want).

na guroradhikaṃ tattvaṃ na guroradhikaṃ tapaḥ |
tattvaṅñānātparaṃ nāsti tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 11 ||
11. There is nothing superior to knowledge of Truth, nothing higher than the Truth, and there is no purifying austerity better than the Truth; salutations to that guru.

mannāthaḥ śrījagannāthaḥ madguruḥ śrījagadguruḥ |
madātmā sarvabhūtātmā tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 12 ||
12. Prostrations to that guru who is the Lord of the Universe, my Teacher, who is the Teacher of the Universe, who is the Self in me, and the Self in all Beings.

gururādiranādiśca guruḥ paramadaivatam |
guroḥ parataraṃ nāsti tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ || 13 ||
13. Salutations are to that guru who is the beginning and the beginningless, who is the highest Deity and to whom there is none superior.

tvameva mātā ca pitā tvameva
tvameva bandhuśca sakhā tvameva |
tvameva vidyā draviṇaṃ tvameva
tvameva sarvaṃ mama deva deva || 14 ||
14. O God of all Gods, you alone are my mother, father, kinsman, friend, the knowledge and wealth. You are everything to me.


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