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english दॆवनागरि तेलुगु तमिलं कन्नड मलयालं गुजराति ओरिया बेङ्गालि
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  • आदौ कर्मप्रसङ्गात्कलयति कलुषं मातृकुक्षौ स्थितं मां
    विण्मूत्रामेध्यमध्ये कथयति नितरां जाठरो जातवेदाः ।
    यद्यद्वै तत्र दुःखं व्यथयति नितरां शक्यते केन वक्तुं
    क्षन्तव्यो मे‌உपराधः शिव शिव शिव भो श्री महादेव शम्भो ॥
    Due to the remnants of Karmic sins, I was created inside my mother’s womb, and placed between urine, excreta and heat, and suffered a lot by the heat and smell. Who can possibly describe the suffering and pain that I underwent there in mother's womb?. Therefore, O Siva! O Mahadeva! O Sambhu! Forgive me, I pray, for my transgressions.
  • पानीयम्बुलु त्रावुचुन् कुडुचुचुन् भाषिञ्चुचुन् हास ली
    ला निद्रादुलु चेयुचुन् तिरुगुचुन् लक्षिम्पुचुन् सन्तत ।
    श्री नारायण पाद पद्म युगली चिन्तामृतास्वादसं
    धानुण्डै मरचेन् सुरारि सुतुडेतद्विश्वमुन् भूवरा ॥
    Oh! King, Prahlada was always engrossed in the bliss of praying and prostrating before the lotus feet of Sri Hari at all times, while drinking, while eating, while talking, while smiling, playing, sleeping and performing such other actions, while moving around and while visualizing and forgot about this world. [Context: This beautiful sloka describes devotion of Prahlada who is one with the consciousness at all times and in all activites.]
  • वेदमूलमिदं ब्राह्मं
    भार्यामूलमिदं गृहम् ।
    कृषिमूलमिदं धान्यम्
    धनमूलमिदं जगत् ॥
    Knowledge is the root for a learned man, wife is central to a house, effort and agriculture is the root for food and money is central to the entire world.
    - excerpt from Unknown
    - by Unknown
  • सुलभाः पुरुषा राजन् सततं प्रिय वादिनः ।
    अप्रियस्य च पथ्यस्य वक्ता श्रोता च दुर्लभः ॥
    Oh King, it is easy to get a person that always says words that please you. However, it is very difficult to find someone who can say something that may be unpleasant to hear but is brings welfare to you. [Context: Demon Mareecha says this to Ravana, when Ravana approaches Mareecha to help him to take Sita away and he is angry that Mareecha refused to help him initially.]
    - excerpt from Valmiki Ramayanam (3.37.2)
    - by Valmiki
  • रामो विग्रहवान् धर्मः साधुः सत्य पराक्रमः ।
    राजा सर्वस्य लोकस्य देवानाम् इव वासवः ॥
    Rama is an embodiment of righteousness. Truth is his braveness. He is the lord of all worlds and everybody. [Context: Demon Mareecha says this to Ravana, when Ravana approaches Mareecha to help him to take Sita away. Mareecha says that Rama is nothing but righteousness and truth and warns him not to go to Rama and that Ravana is not enough to face him.]
    - excerpt from Valmiki Ramayanam (3.37.13)
    - by Valmiki
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