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english दॆवनागरि तेलुगु तमिलं कन्नड मलयालं गुजराति ओरिया बेङ्गालि
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  • सुलभाः पुरुषा राजन् सततं प्रिय वादिनः ।
    अप्रियस्य च पथ्यस्य वक्ता श्रोता च दुर्लभः ॥
    Oh King, it is easy to get a person that always says words that please you. However, it is very difficult to find someone who can say something that may be unpleasant to hear but is brings welfare to you. [Context: Demon Mareecha says this to Ravana, when Ravana approaches Mareecha to help him to take Sita away and he is angry that Mareecha refused to help him initially.]
    - excerpt from Valmiki Ramayanam (3.37.2)
    - by Valmiki
  • रामो विग्रहवान् धर्मः साधुः सत्य पराक्रमः ।
    राजा सर्वस्य लोकस्य देवानाम् इव वासवः ॥
    Rama is an embodiment of righteousness. Truth is his braveness. He is the lord of all worlds and everybody. [Context: Demon Mareecha says this to Ravana, when Ravana approaches Mareecha to help him to take Sita away. Mareecha says that Rama is nothing but righteousness and truth and warns him not to go to Rama and that Ravana is not enough to face him.]
    - excerpt from Valmiki Ramayanam (3.37.13)
    - by Valmiki
  • नाहं जानामि केयूरे नाहं जानामि कुण्डले ।
    नूपुरे तु अभिजनामि नित्यं पाद अभिवन्दनात् ॥
    I cannot recognize these armlets and I cannot recognize these earrings. However I do recognize these anklets, as I see them everyday when I offer my respect at sister-in-law (Sita)'s feet. [Context: Lakshmana says this to Rama, when he asks if he can recognize the jewelry that is found by Hanuman, when Sita was taken away by Ravana. Lakshmana can only recognize the anklets because he does not pay attention to anything other than his sister-in-law's feet.]
    - excerpt from Valmiki Ramayanam (4.6.22)
    - by Valmiki
  • सुन्दरे सुन्दरो रामः सुन्दरे सुन्दरी कथः
    सुन्दरे सुन्दरी सीत सुन्दरे सुन्दरं वनम् ।
    सुन्दरे सुन्दरं काव्यं सुन्दरे सुन्दरं कपिः
    सुन्दरे सुन्दरं मन्त्रं सुन्दरे किं न सुन्दरम् ॥
    Rama is handsome and so is Sita, The ashoka forest in which Sita was there is beautiful. The Ramayana kavyam which describes these events is beautiful. Hanuman who attained self-realization is beautiful. The sacred hymns are beautiful. In this beautiful Sundara Kanda, which is the fifth chapter of Ramayana kavyam, what is not beautiful?
    - excerpt from Unknown
    - by Unknown
  • आयुर्वित्तं गृहच्छिद्रं मन्त्रमौषधसङ्गमौ ।
    दानमानावमानाश्च नव गोप्या मनीषिभिः ॥
    A wise person keeps these nine things only to one's self as secrets, including one's age, how much money one has, house matters, sacred sayings, making of medicinal drugs, one's private life, how much money one gave to charity and his humiliation.
    - excerpt from Unknown
    - by Unknown
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