New Mobile Site


A new, shiny and crisp HTML5 Mobile Website with CSS3 and JQuery Mobile for Vaidika Vignanam is now available at  All of the content that is available via the full site is available through the mobile site along with the search experience, but the content is optimized for viewing on cell phones, and tablets.  Since it is completely done in HTML5, it is compatible and provides consistent viewing experience with all of the popular platforms, such as iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (cell phones and tablets) and Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Currently this mobile experience is not available by default and you need to go to in order to get the mobile experience.  Shortly, it will be made as the default mobile experience, i.e., all users going to the site from their cell phone will be targeted to this web site.  There is a plan to release a native app on each of the popular platforms based on this mobile site experience as well.  If you can help in porting this mobile experience into native apps for iOS or Android, please contact me at

Shubham Bhavatu,

Srinivas Vadrevu.

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